Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Uwe Kaa

Am Back with  Music  !

Uwe Kaa his love for music for well over 15 years. his years of collaboration with the Austrian label Irievibrations Records. With more than 50 publications, four albums and countless live performances - from club shows up to the festival with thousands of listeners earned a fan base that reaches far beyond any scene and borders in this  album Eine Liebe my pick  "Schwarze Taube"  re-discover Rap , Reggae , Hip hop !

Uwe Kaa - Eine Liebe

IrieVibrations Records , Release date: 10/17/2014

01. Zeit Kommt
02. Für Immer Rebell
03. Eine Liebe
04. Sonnenblende
05. Schwarze Taube
06. Dein Hass
07. Supermann Ist Tot
08. Vollkommen
09. V
10. Andenken
11. Wurzeln & Flügel feat. Iriepathie & Zos
12. Nichts Zu Verlieren Featured artists: Iriepathie